Another Day by Piyush Naik

Another Day by Piyush Naik


(Story #7 of Ayush & Alia short-story series by Piyush Naik)

After some ten days I was finally at my home, hospitals make you feel sick even if you are not. I looked at the clock on the wall it showed 8 PM. Alia was still at my place, we talked about various stuff. She seemed happy to see me in home. I was happy to again see the smile on her face.

‘Can we talk on something?’ said Alia. Her look was getting a little bit serious. Okay this is not what I want right now, I thought. Still I said, ‘yes… sure.’

‘Why Shweta spend so much of time in hospital with you?’ Alia said with a smile. Not the one which I loved, it was of something else. Her smile was hiding something.

‘Coz she is my friend.’ I said.

‘Adi or Jasmit or Mayank… they didn’t come so much.’ Alia said, ‘they are also your friends.’

‘Yes indeed they are but you see she is my close friends.’

‘They are not your close friends?’

‘They are my close friends… I didn’t force any of them to come. They all visited because they love me.’

‘So Shweta loves you?’ Alia asked. Okay this was surely something which I did not want to have a conversation on.

‘I don’t have answer to your questions dear. I want to rest.’ I said. I choose to stay silent on her question. I don’t know what was right but sometimes you have to keep quite.

The next day.

7 AM

Finally I reached room no. 305, my classroom. Today was different. Alia called in morning and we just spoke ‘Good Morning’ to each other and hung up.

‘Hey, broda’ Adi said, ‘Welcome back.’

‘Well we didn’t miss you much but still welcome back.’ Jasmit said in a teasing manner. Friends they can be rude in a funny way. Then we spoke some more time and finally the hell started, LECTURES!

10 PM

‘Why are we going to parking?’ I asked Mayank fifth time. He did not spoke a word and was dragging me to parking.

‘Can you keep quite.’ He said. Finally we reached parking and I saw Adi, Jasmit and Shweta there with a cake.

‘We wanted to celebrate your return so we brought cake.’ Adi said. Shweta was just looking at me.

‘I know you just wanted to eat the cake, you are just covering up with me.’ I said.

‘Come on… don’t show attitude if you don’t cut it we will eat it anyhow.’ Jasmit said.

‘Okay, if you insist so much I will cut the cake.’ I said. We all had a laugh. We all loved the cake. We all enjoyed the fullest. Friends can cure your pain.

My phone started ringing; the display screen showed it was Pranali’s call.

‘Alia’s call!’ Adi teased me and I realize she did not call me today; it was our one of to-do-daily-thing. Which she just missed!

‘No.’ I said and picked the call.

                       Silence can quiet some emotions.


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