I am a woman, like ur sister, GF, daughter, mom & wife…
So before you ogle, lust or rape..just think..
The breasts I have are similar to the ones you breast fed from! When you slyly TRY to pinch them, you hurt your mother !
I own a cleavage you try ur best to peep into, in crowded areas…ever thought how ur sister feels when u peep into her’s ?
My nipples stand out from a T shirt I wear and you salivate you do that for ur niece as well ??
Yes my bra strap does come out, but so does the one your GF wears! BIG DEAL! If you are a REAL man you will help me cover it, not ogle at it hungrily!
My belly button shows from my naked waist when I wear a saree, but so does of your devoted wife !
Yes, I will boldly buy sanitary napkins ignoring ur smirks and giggles…I am privileged to give birth to life, unlike you.
I have big hips you ogle at each time I walk by, but ur mom developed the same after she gave birth to you.
My tender lips are beautiful like yours…am sure you can use them kindly instead of using abusive words like MC or BC or the works!
You stare at the panty rims emerging from my pants, but then do you lust at ur daughter’s too as well?

You hungrily stare at my vagina.FORGET NOT, the devil in you was conceived there itself !
So before you lust at any woman…just think of the women ur connected to!
Your each filthy stare is directed at ur mom, sister, daughter, wife, GF, niece etc.
If you are a REAL man, you will win me over love, respect & allow you to touch me.
Coz only cowards know the escapist way how to ogle, lust or rape !
If you are a REAL man, you will use your organ (brain) sensibly!
Else, one day, the real woman in me will be compelled to castrate the ORGAN you flaunt insensibly!
Coz u get to keep …only what you deserve!

Yours truly…..A Woman !


About the Author

Preeti Singh is an author of two beautiful books, Crossroads : Its About Time and  Flirting With Fate. 

To know more about her, like her official page Preeti’s Potpourri

Check out her website to get a glimpse about her work

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