Thank you… Pranali by Piyush Naik


(story #6 Ayush & Alia Short-story series by Piyush Naik)

It was the third consecutive time her phone was ringing, after wishing Alia at midnight and having some conversation on whatsapp Pranali finally went into a dream world at 2:30 in night. So waking up at 7 in morning was the worst thing to happen with her. Finally she gave up and picked the phone without even looking who was calling.

‘Where were you?’ the voice said from the other end. She knew that voice, it was of Ayush.

‘Sleeping… that’s what people do on a Sunday morning.’ Pranali said in her beautiful childish voice. Her eyes were still closed.

‘Wake up then.’ Ayush said, ‘today I want your help.’

‘Is something different today coz this is not the first time you want my help, you want it every now and then.’ She said rubbing her eyes and sitting on the bed, she could see her face in the mirror which was right opposite to her bed. She even looked more beautiful after waking up.

‘Come on today is Alia’s birthday.’ He said.

‘I know that.’

‘Yeah, so I cannot go out of this hospital and I actually want to give her a surprise too, so please go and get a chocolate marble cake, her favorite, and we will surprise her.’

‘Okay… I will come there at 9 with the cake.’ Pranali said and hung up. She ran to the bathroom and was ready in an hour. She also wanted to make Alia happy since last three days she was sad as Ayush was in hospital and something was wrong between them. She could sense it. It took her some more fifteen minutes of drive to reach the famous cake shop. But time was not in her favor. The shop just had one chocolate marble cake and it was already booked. She tried everything, even was ready to pay double the price but the shopkeeper was not interested to sell it to her. She knew that Alia only loves that particular flavored cake. The time was little she was about to make a way out of the shop when Piyansh entered the shop. He was her friend.

‘Hey Pranali.’ Piyansh said. A smile came on his face.

‘Hey.’ She said with her cute smile. But his eyes could see she was sad.

‘What happened?’


‘I can see that…’ he said, ‘now will you tell me what is wrong?’ he said.

Then she narrated everything. Piyansh smiled. ‘That’s it dear, take the cake.’

‘Means?’ Pranali asked.

‘I had booked that cake.’ He said.

‘But what will you do then?’

‘That is not a problem I will take another flavor…but I can’t see that sad face of yours.’ He said. Then the shopkeeper gave her that cake and her smile… was the smile on which you could die a million times just to see it again. The most beautiful smile.

She said bye to Piyansh and marched towards her bike, but it was not in any mood of starting. Piyansh was observing everything. It started raining.

‘Shit now how will I reach on time’ Pranali said to herself.

‘Maybe I can drop you.’ Piyansh Said.

‘That would be awesome.’ She said and they both marched towards hospital. It took them some rough 20 minutes to reach hospital.

‘Come inside.’ Pranali said.

‘Nopes… I’ve to go somewhere. I’ll be waiting for your call.’ Piyansh said, ‘enjoy!’

He waves with a smile. She smiles with a wave.

Climate just changed.

After 15 more minutes she got in Ayush room, Shweta was already present there.

‘In five minutes Alia will be here.’ As Ayush finished his sentence Alia opened the door of the room. The same time Pranali and Shweta screamed SURPRISE!

A smile came on Alia’s face. She then cut the cake and gave a bite to Ayush. Everything was going right.

‘I thought you forgot, since you did not wish me in the night’ Alia said looking at Ayush. ‘Thank you for making my day baby.’

‘You did not wish her in night?’ pranali asked.

‘I would have taken the credit dear, but sorry I really forgot and Pranali planned it all and brought the cake.’ Ayush said, Alia’s face became a little sad but she forced a smile. Pranali looked at Ayush with puzzled look, as in she was talking with him.

‘Why are you lying?’ her expression asked.

‘Keep quite.’ His face said. When we are best friends with someone we can even talk without speaking a word.

‘Thank you…Pranali.’ Ayush said. Signaling her to be quite.

‘Yes…’ Alia said, ‘thank you Pranali.’

Sometimes we do things which are wrong to make something right. But in love there is no right and no wrong.

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