Not WITHOUT you…by Piyush Naik



Not WITHOUT you…

(Story #5 Ayush & Alia Short-Story series)

After the news of Ayush’s accident broke in the ears of Pranali and Alia, they both became numb. They took an auto and departed towards the hospital in which he was admitted. All the worst possibilities were shattering their minds. Our brain is like that only when he should be the one to help us to calm down, he gets all the bad thoughts.

A drop of tear rolled down from the right eye of Alia. Fear was clearly visible on her face. Pranali noticed it.

‘Calm down dear.’ Pranali said forcing a smile on her face, trying to hide the fear in her. The auto took a sharp right turn. ‘Everything will be fine.’ Indeed she wanted it to be fine, but she too was scared of the worst. Alia rolled her eyes towards Pranali and hugged her. Tears were not stopping. Even Pranali’s eyes became moist. But she forced them to not rain. ‘don’t worry.’ She added.

‘Yes… but..’ Alia’s voice was breaking. She had a kind of panic attack. The only person she loved, the only person she wanted to love was not with her, as he was the one in problem today.

‘Speed up, Bhaiya.’ Pranali said. The auto driver looked at them through the mirror. ‘please our friend is in the hospital.’ He then nodded and raced the accelerator. He cut the traffic and was moving at the best possible speed in that traffic. Finally after some more fifteen minutes of drive he braked in front of the hospital. They paid him his fare and rushed in the hospital. With each step Alia took in hospital, fear was mounting in her.

‘You wait here I will check with the reception.’ Pranali said. Alia paused near the staircase while Pranali went to the reception. Alia could see Pranali was also scared but she was good with hiding it. It took five more minutes for Pranali to get the info about Ayush. ‘he is in room no. 505 on fifth floor.’ She said. They saw the crowd waiting for the lift, so they took staircase and climbed five levels. As they were about to enter room no. 505 a man stopped them, they looked at him he was Ayush’ father.

‘Wait, doctor is inside.’ His father said. By looking at the calmness on his face they were relived as there was nothing serious. They concluded!

‘Is he fine.’ Alia dared.

His father looked at her, ‘don’t worry.’ He smiled, ‘everything is fine.’ But his eyes, they were dry.

As Pranali and Alia sat on a bench they saw Shweta sitting right opposite to them. SHOCKED! Was the expression on Alia’s face. Pranali asked about her and then Alia told her the reason.

After some more fifteen minutes, finally the doctor came out and all the three girls walked in the room. Ayush was lying on the bed, his hand was fractured and his head had been bandaged. He was uneasy to see all the three girls at the same time and was confused who he should first say a ‘hi’ his girlfriend or his best friend or his close-friend. He choose best friend.

‘you are okay then why doctor took so long.’ Pranali asked. Alia and Shweta were just looking at him.

‘nothing…’ Ayush said. ‘come on you just chill.’

‘yeah.’ They both said at the same time.

Sometimes the truths you hide from the people you care for the good, is not a lie. Though indeed it is.


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