Big day, not only for CHETAN BHAGAT, but also for the Indian publishing

Big day, not only for CHETAN BHAGAT, but also for the Indian publishing
‘Half Girlfriend’

Courtesy: TOI
Courtesy: TOI

Today, when most of us were reading our daily dose supplement of Times of India, the very first page greeted us by a full page advertisement of Chetan Bhagat’s latest book “Half Girlfriend“. The news spread like anything and was indeed the talk of the town. Within minutes of the news breaking, people were busy tweeting and updating their views about the book on twitter and facebook. Yes, it was very amusing to see some people or I can say the so called haters making the complete mockery of the book even before reading it. But above all there were a huge number of fans who were very excited with the announcement


and were praising the book blurb and the book cover. You can hate him or love him but today none could ignore him. I still remember the day when some months back the only big poster which was launched in a newspaper was that of a movie titled ‘Happy New Year’. But Chetan Bhagat has done a revolution today. He has arrived in style. It was just a decade ago when he did the same by entering in the industry and his writing style plus his marketing tricks were the talk of the town. He back then changed everything. Well after three years, though its one of the longest wait but nevertheless the Paperback King is back. And as the front page of TOI announces him as the ‘India’s Biggest Storyteller’ we cannot wait to relish upon his latest offering.

Courtesy: Flipkart
Courtesy: Flipkart
Courtesy: Flipkart
Courtesy: Flipkart

English is the new caste system. Half Girlfriend explores this aspect of our society today, says Chetan Bhagat about his new book. The teaser of the book which was launched on his site crashed it after some time, and it looks beautiful. The book seems to offer something new and different. The book cover is also beautiful. And most importantly the title ‘Half Girlfriend’ is very intriguing and has already created a buzz in the town. We all are waiting to read and to know about this ‘Half Girlfriend’. The prologue which he revealed on his FB page is quite interesting and is enough to build the curiosity among the people.
There is still some time for the release and it would be interesting to see what new marketing tricks Chelan would offer after his book which is now only ‘the exclusive for Flipkart’

Read the first chapter from the book ‘Half Girlfriend’ from the following link.

You can pre-order the book from flipkart,
You can watch the “Half Girlfriend” teaser by clicking on the following link.

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