Sorry… I Love You. by Sagar Kadu

Sorry… I Love You.


(Story #4 in ‘Ayush & Alia short-story series’ By Piyush Naik)

It was just like any other day for Pranali, she was sitting in her room playing with her curls and cuddling with her phone. In her mind something was happening. Thoughts! She was considered coolest by her friends, and guys were mad for her cute looks and could die when she smiles. She was a very good friend of Ayush and Alia. It was raining outside, outside rain gives her pleasure to think differently. In between the thoughts suddenly she realized that her phone was vibrating. Not giving much attention to the phone, she started thinking again when suddenly the phone vibrates again. This time she was unable to resist so she unlocked the phone. And she was shocked to see the messages from Ayush and Alia at almost the same time. Both messages had same text,

“Meet me at 7 in Starbucks”

She didn’t call any of them because she knew something had happened. She gets up from bed and starts searching for her go-out clothes. After dressing up in 20 minutes, she was about to leave the home when her mom poked her from back.

“Where are you going?” her mom enquired.

” Mom, I am going to Starbucks to meet my friends,” she retorted.

“At least have some snacks then you can go,” Mom cared.

“Mom, I dont want anything, I will have something there,” Pranali said casually.

Her mom made a face but Pranali chose ignore her and rushed to the door. In some time she was in taxi and was thinking about what might have happened between them. “May be they had a fight on some topic or Ayush said anything to Alia or Alia said anything to Ayush.”, thousands of thoughts were going through her mind. After some time, her taxi reached Starbucks where she saw Ayush was waiting outside and was looking tense.

“Must be some serious issue,” she thought and taxi stopped at Starbucks.

When Pranali was about to alight from taxi she saw Ayush raedy to receive her. She gave some bucks to taxi driver and closed the door. When they walked towards Starbucks, Ayush started talking usual stuffs with her. And Pranali suddenly interrupted him and said,

“Ayush!! Tell me what had happened?” She was a little furious.

Ayush started explaining everything that had happened between him and Alia at Starbucks. Pranali was listening to his whole story when suddenly Ayush broke the rhythm and said, “Don’t tell Alia that I texted u to come here” Ayush little petrified.

When he ends with his sentence, Pranali got a text from Alia which displays,

“Don’t tell Ayush that I texted u to come here”

After reading the text, she started laughing and Ayush stops talking. He doesn’t understand what had just happened. Pranali thinks its very cute thing that they both think same. Pranali told him to go inside the Starbucks along with her. She spotted Alia and showed Ayush that Alia is sitting there (apparently Alia changes her seat). After all three sits, Pranali started laughing aloud. Ayush and Alia don’t know what was happening. After settling with her own laugh, Pranali started telling both of them that they both messaged the same text and started staring at both of them. After hearing from Pranali, all of three started laughing loud. In some time they stopped laughing and Pranali asked them the whole story.

After hearing the entire story, Pranali looked at Ayush and said,

“You did not tell Alia about Shweta while she has told you about Nikhil. You are wrong here. Not completely but in a large proportion.”

“So? What should I do?” Ayush finds himself helpless in between two girls.

“Say sorry. That’s what we do when we are wrong.”

“Sorry Alia…” He said. Alia gave him a look, “I love you.”

“See! You two are made for each other you don’t need sorry or something.” Pranali commented.

Then they talked some more, after some time Ayush got a call from a friend and he excused himself. While after some time the girls also vacated the place. While going home Pranali got a call… which said Ayush meet with an accident.

“WHAT…” was all she was able to say.

A friend who is always there for you in your happiness, sadness, and problems, in any and every situation is called your best friend.

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