And it Rained by Piyush Naik

And it rained


And it Rained.

Well some spend their Saturdays by being home all day, Ayush and Alia spend theirs with each other by being out. They just get two days in a week when they can spend their complete time with each other. Two months passed after the opening of the college. Shweta became one of Ayush’s closest friends. Yet he chose not to talk about her to Alia. While Alia was busy in her not so busy life. Regular college, same old friends, same old chats with Ayush. Her life was just like that, and she loved her life. Nikhil still loved her. Even if he was like her best friend in her college she chooses to remain quite about her relationship status with him.

9 AM

‘Hey’ Ayush said. He was still in his bed, fighting with his sleep. He was even fighting to hold the phone properly.

‘Ayuuuuush,’ she said in a cute way, ‘the clouds have gathered and it will rain today.’

‘So what? I’m an engineer not a farmer to care about rains.’ He sarcastically commented.

‘Not funny.’ She said. ‘What has happened to the romantic Ayush in you, has he died?’

‘No, engineering has him now.’

‘Come on, wake up. We will go to the lake today.’



‘I have told you that I need to go and buy some things needed for my project with a friend.’ He said.

‘Yes, okay then I will also join you.’ She said.

‘You will get bored; we will meet in the night at 7.’ He said.

‘Okay, fine.’ She said. He sensed sadness in her voice.

‘What will you do in the day time?’


‘Okay if it rains I will immediately come at your place and we will go out in rain. Deal?’

‘Deal.’ She said with a smile. ‘Love you.’

‘Love you.’ He said and hung up. While she got busy in chatting with Nikhil on whatsapp.

3 PM

After doing all the shopping necessary for mini-project of college, Ayush and Shweta were tired. While they were moving back towards their houses, it started raining.

‘Ayush, let’s stop. There is a starbucks outlet. Let’s have some coffee.’ Shweta said.

Finding no other choice Ayush said, ‘okay.’ It was difficult for him to drive, so they stopped at a starbucks outlet. They ordered two frapeccino and took seats near the big glass wall.

3:15 PM

Alia loved rains. She knew Ayush would be busy, so she dialed Nikhil and asked him to come at her place so that they could go on a drive in the rain. It took hardly 7 minutes for Nikhil to reach her place. Then they moved in the rains on the roads.

‘Alia, you just love rains?’ Nikhil asked as he was driving his newly bought bike.

‘Yes! I just love rains.’ Alia said.

‘I also love rains, like I love you.’ Nikhil said.

‘What?’ Alia said, trying to act as if she did not hear what he said.

‘Nothing,’ Nikhil tried to act as a control-maker, ‘let’s go to the starbucks.’ He said pointing towards the starbucks outlet.

‘Yes, sure.’ She said. He then moved his bike towards the store, and parked it. They walked in the store and placed the order. As Alia turned her head towards right she was not in a state to believe what she saw, ‘Ayush’ she reacted. Her voice reached his ears. He turned left to get a shock. His smiles went away as he saw her. They both were in a shock to see their counterpart with someone else. But they chose not to show.

‘Hey,’ he said and got up. She walked to him and said, ‘hey, I thought you were busy with some project shopping.’ She taunted. In the meantime Nikhil also joined them.

‘Yes,’ Ayush said and pointed towards the bag. ‘I thought you would be home but you are with…’ he stopped.

‘Oh! He is Nikhil my friend.’ Alia said. Ayush moved his hand forward to shake.

‘And he is?’ Nikhil demanded to know who the guy was.

‘He is Ayush… my…’ she looked at him paused for a second.

‘I and she are old best friends.’ Ayush added and saved her from a situation he didn’t even know. Maybe that’s why he loved her so much. Shweta and Nikhil were just watching unaware of what was happening and what was the truth.

‘Meet you in the evening.’ Said Ayush looking straight in her eyes, a mystery lied in her eyes. But that’s what eyes do, they hide things.

Then Ayush sat with Shweta and Alia and Nikhil took a table three tables away from them. Both Nikhil and Shweta thought the person they are sitting together with is just interested in what they are talking but indeed they both were just busy in looking at each other. They both took out their phones at an instant and texted the same person.

‘Pranali come at starbucks at 7’ Pranali was their best friend, and now they both wanted to meet her.

When you lie to someone you love, you make them question your love.

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