Can Love Last Forever?

Can Love Last Forever?

When we fall in love we just fall in love and don’t think. We forget to ask ourselves ‘Can love last forever?’ Well, each and everyone has a different perceptive about it, but who is right and who is wrong? Whom to believe and whom to not? Who is the right person to talk about it? Opinions may differ from person to person. There are very few who would dare to try to give an answer to this question on a public platform. As if you go on a public platform you give others a chance to criticize you but when you are talking about love everyone and anyone can have an opinion on it. Well when Vikrant Khanna a Best-Selling Author known for writing in romance genre, decided to take this dare in his latest book ‘Love Lasts Forever: Only if you don’t marry your love’  we think people have nearly found an answer to this question.


Love has made the book stand tall and is slowly climbing the steps and will soon feature in Amazon India Top 10 best-seller list. In this book Vikrant offers a unique and different story line. It’s a love story at its heart with the piracy element interspersed with it making it an engrossing and exciting read. While reading this book a reader experiences emotions like Love, fear, laughter, introspection of one’s own love story. We asked Vikrant Why is there, a need to introspect and retrospect the way a relationship is carried on by a couple? He says, ‘Relationships is and would always be the most important aspect in our lives. Introspection is actually needed so that we would be able to get the most out of our relationships and in the end, life.’ Well we all will fall in love in some or the other part of our life, and we should know can love last forever. We would definitely recommend this book to everyone, this book is yet another beautiful story which will in the end tell us, can love lasts forever? Buy this book from the below given links and enjoy the read and try to find answer to this question which has its own importance in our life.




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