Date Day by Piyush Naik



Story #2: Date Day

[Story #2 of Ayush & Alia Short-story series]

Sometimes there are times when you wonder falling in love was enough; and you should have not got into a relationship. Yes, right now I’m in that situation. It has been just 30 days that we have started dating and all of a sudden it’s planned by both of us to go on a date. But I still don’t know when I was included in this planning process. Like a real date shown in ‘MOVIES’. It’s not like I don’t want to spend time with Alia. I love spending time with her, and since we are in different colleges, to be specific I’m doing engineering and she is a commerce girl. It’s great that we get to spend some quality time together. But today was a bad idea for a date, I’m out of money. I can’t get it since I have exhausted it to get my project at college done and spending some on some other stuff. The fortunate thing is that she has not demanded a candle light dinner. While I was thinking of how cheaply I could give her a rich like day, my phone buzzed. I looked at the screen it was her text.

‘Pick me at 11’ then I looked at the watch and it showed OMG 9:45 AM it’s late so I went to take a bath and in some 45 minutes I was ready. I took the bike keys and forwarded towards her house. I had some good 30 minutes left and I would reach her home in some 25 minutes. While I was trying to cut the traffic, my phone started ringing. I stopped at the side of the road. The display screen of my phone showed Alia’s name and her cute picture.

‘Heyyyy’ I said, trying to sound cute. Just the way she says it.

‘Hey, where are you?’ she said in her cute voice.

‘I’m on my way… will be at your place in 15.’

‘Don’t be late.’

‘Never, Dear’ I said and hung up. Then I accelerated towards her home and just then my bike just stopped all of a sudden. I tried to start it and then I realized it was out of petrol. I scanned the road and realized that the petrol-pump was around 1 KM away. I was left with no option than to pull the bike and I literally walked that distance in some 10 minutes, the fastest I could have done. After pouring petrol in my bike’s stomach I speeded my way to her home, finally I reached. 15 minutes late.

She came out in her green pants and white top which had something written on it. She had a look which I was unable to understand. Girls I tell you! She didn’t spoke even a word and hopped on, I started to move towards the multiplex.

Five minutes gone. She was still silent, so unlike her. BAD SIGN!

‘I was on time…’ before I could give reason, she cut me and said, ‘did I ask you anything. I hope we reach on time for the movie, ATLEAST!’

Okay, it was the worst way to start the day I guess. Silence followed for more fifteen minutes, and by that time we reached the multiplex. After multiple security checks we finally reached the booking counter.  I saw the poster of Transformers, and then I looked at Alia. No…bad idea watch Ek Villain, my mind said.

‘Give two tickets of Ek Villain.’ I said to the girl who was on the ticket counter.

‘Corner seats, Sir?’ she asked with a cute smile. But before I could say a ‘yes’.

Alia said, ‘No give in middle.’ I looked at her. She looked at me. ‘Pay the money!’

Not understanding any meaning behind her unseen expressions I paid the money, and took the tickets. We walked in the movie-hall and sat, somehow we were only two people in our row.

‘So how is the new year in your college?’ finally my princess broke the silent code of conduct.

I smiled and said, ‘cute as you.’

‘Cute?’ she asked with a puzzled looked. I guess cute was a wrong word to use here. Means I used it with reference to Shweta, she and me had became good friends in just a week. But even if Shweta knew about Alia, Alia had no clue about her.

‘No, means yes… means.’ Before I could say more my phone started buzzing. It was Shweta calling. I put it on silent mode. I had done enough of bad deeds for today. ‘Means just that it’s going good.’ We did some more talks about her college, my college and other stuff and then the movie started. In nearly 120 minutes of movie, Shweta called me 15 times. I didn’t picked even a single call of hers, but I texted her. The response of her was another call. Then finally as the movie ended.

‘I will be back from the washroom.’ I said and excused myself. Alia was okay by now, or better to say, she showed that she was okay. But right now I had to check Shweta, is she okay or not.

I called her, she picked in the third ring.

‘What happened?’ I said.

‘Hello, there is a code of conduct of saying hi at least.’ Shweta said from the other side. ‘By the way where were you?’

‘Sorry, I’m with Alia and we were watching a movie, now pray, tell me what happened for you to call me for I-don’t-know how many times?’ I enquired.

‘Oh! Leave it then.’ Shweta said with sadness in her voice.

‘What happened tell me?’

Nothing, leave.’

‘I want to hear it now.’ I demanded.

‘Mom and dad went out of station, and I, by mistake locked the cupboard which had money and now I don’t have any money, and the worst of all. The food in my house has ended and I’m hungry.’ Shweta said, ‘so I thought you might come over, but leave it.’

Okay, I have limited amount of money. Plus, Alia as in a very bad mood. But she was helpless, hungry, and is my cute friend. Why does God throw a question like this? Should I go and help Shweta who is my friend, or stay with Alia who has a girl word added before friend. Without even thinking much I said, ‘I’ll be at your place in 20. Be ready.’

I chose this as it’s not good to keep anyone hungry and already the day for me and Alia is spoiled. I told Alia that my uncle was in some mess and so he wants me to come, I lied. To which she believed. Sometimes you need to lie to be faithful. Then I dropped Alia at her place. In the route she talked about the movie which I had hardly seen!

‘Bye.’ She said.

‘Bye.’ I said.

She smiled with a waved. I waved with a smile.

I guess the problem was solved.

You cannot choose between friendship and relationship. You have to give time to both. Because you need them both.



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