You were akin to Cartoon films when you were toddler, but it may not magnetize you anymore.

Hypothetical mathematics problems were your worst nightmare back then, but now you have bigger things to worry about.

This is the law of nature, things change, love fades, and people act differently. You have to keep reinventing yourselves almost every minute because the world can transform in an instant and there’s no time for looking back.

You have to reinvent what you have invented, and do it again. Come out of your comfort zone and strive for triumph even after you get it. You can’t settle even if you buy your dream house, purchase a new car and earn loads of money, because just after you get what you wanted, you will need more. You need to build a bigger house, buy a bigger car and earn even more. And that’s the reason why there is no limit to success.

We have to revolutionize ourselves anyhow; sometimes it is forced on us, sometimes it happen by accident. We have to constantly come up with new ways to fix ourselves.

So we change, we settle in, we craft new versions of ourselves. We just need to make sure that the new one is an improvement over the last.

About Arpit Agrawal:


“Arpit is an emergent writer based in Raipur. He writes fiction articles which he hopes can trigger youth into doing good things. Arpit authored his debut novel ‘Dear life, get well soon…’ in the year 2013. For details, visit –



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