Book Review: Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora


Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora


  • Book Description “Is there an acid test to gauge the success of a relationship? Is it right to carry on in an unhealthy relationship with no conjugal bliss, or look for an alternate path? Rihana is an adventurous and free-spirited girl, until she marries Veer, an eligible bachelor who comes from a wealthy family. While they appear ‘happily married’, their strong personalities are at odds. Veer, for the most part, is insensitive to Rihana’s physical and emotional needs, straining the relationship and leaving her feeling incomplete. Caught between the devil and the deep sea, Rihana has to now decide whether to walk out of her marriage and be a victim of society’s ridicule, or compromise on her physical needs, which for her are the foundation for a healthy marital bond. Can they work out their differences? Will Veer give her what she desires, or push her to do something desperate and scandalous?”




  • My View The sin just got better with this book! Though at first point this book might seem like an erotica, but going ahead with it, it has much more than just erotica to offer. This book is much more than a woman’s needs, it’s about the society and its restrictions. It’s about the constraints of a love marriage and what a woman suffers from throughout her life. It’s about how a girl has to suffer much without even her partner fulfilling her needs at any point of their relationship.

Rihana in her life has been an independent woman but after marriage, even after doing her best in maintaining it, she has been confined in the four walls of the house. Even a sufferer of domestic violence, Rihana has not much to do cause everyone she confides in, have the fear of society which makes her stay in an unwanted relation throughout. But what happens then is what the story is about.

Apart from the wonderful and strong plot, the book has a few major drawbacks. Proper proofreading was something that was amiss. And throughout the book, there was something missing! I guess a bit of flavor would’ve made this book a wonderful one.


My rating: 3.25

Title: Deliberate Sinner

Author: Bhaavna Arora

ISBN-10: 938266520x


Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Shrishti Publishers & Distributors

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Reviewed By: Sharanya aka Vanya (Team WordBite)        





And it Rained by Piyush Naik

And it rained


And it Rained.

Well some spend their Saturdays by being home all day, Ayush and Alia spend theirs with each other by being out. They just get two days in a week when they can spend their complete time with each other. Two months passed after the opening of the college. Shweta became one of Ayush’s closest friends. Yet he chose not to talk about her to Alia. While Alia was busy in her not so busy life. Regular college, same old friends, same old chats with Ayush. Her life was just like that, and she loved her life. Nikhil still loved her. Even if he was like her best friend in her college she chooses to remain quite about her relationship status with him.

9 AM

‘Hey’ Ayush said. He was still in his bed, fighting with his sleep. He was even fighting to hold the phone properly.

‘Ayuuuuush,’ she said in a cute way, ‘the clouds have gathered and it will rain today.’

‘So what? I’m an engineer not a farmer to care about rains.’ He sarcastically commented.

‘Not funny.’ She said. ‘What has happened to the romantic Ayush in you, has he died?’

‘No, engineering has him now.’

‘Come on, wake up. We will go to the lake today.’



‘I have told you that I need to go and buy some things needed for my project with a friend.’ He said.

‘Yes, okay then I will also join you.’ She said.

‘You will get bored; we will meet in the night at 7.’ He said.

‘Okay, fine.’ She said. He sensed sadness in her voice.

‘What will you do in the day time?’


‘Okay if it rains I will immediately come at your place and we will go out in rain. Deal?’

‘Deal.’ She said with a smile. ‘Love you.’

‘Love you.’ He said and hung up. While she got busy in chatting with Nikhil on whatsapp.

3 PM

After doing all the shopping necessary for mini-project of college, Ayush and Shweta were tired. While they were moving back towards their houses, it started raining.

‘Ayush, let’s stop. There is a starbucks outlet. Let’s have some coffee.’ Shweta said.

Finding no other choice Ayush said, ‘okay.’ It was difficult for him to drive, so they stopped at a starbucks outlet. They ordered two frapeccino and took seats near the big glass wall.

3:15 PM

Alia loved rains. She knew Ayush would be busy, so she dialed Nikhil and asked him to come at her place so that they could go on a drive in the rain. It took hardly 7 minutes for Nikhil to reach her place. Then they moved in the rains on the roads.

‘Alia, you just love rains?’ Nikhil asked as he was driving his newly bought bike.

‘Yes! I just love rains.’ Alia said.

‘I also love rains, like I love you.’ Nikhil said.

‘What?’ Alia said, trying to act as if she did not hear what he said.

‘Nothing,’ Nikhil tried to act as a control-maker, ‘let’s go to the starbucks.’ He said pointing towards the starbucks outlet.

‘Yes, sure.’ She said. He then moved his bike towards the store, and parked it. They walked in the store and placed the order. As Alia turned her head towards right she was not in a state to believe what she saw, ‘Ayush’ she reacted. Her voice reached his ears. He turned left to get a shock. His smiles went away as he saw her. They both were in a shock to see their counterpart with someone else. But they chose not to show.

‘Hey,’ he said and got up. She walked to him and said, ‘hey, I thought you were busy with some project shopping.’ She taunted. In the meantime Nikhil also joined them.

‘Yes,’ Ayush said and pointed towards the bag. ‘I thought you would be home but you are with…’ he stopped.

‘Oh! He is Nikhil my friend.’ Alia said. Ayush moved his hand forward to shake.

‘And he is?’ Nikhil demanded to know who the guy was.

‘He is Ayush… my…’ she looked at him paused for a second.

‘I and she are old best friends.’ Ayush added and saved her from a situation he didn’t even know. Maybe that’s why he loved her so much. Shweta and Nikhil were just watching unaware of what was happening and what was the truth.

‘Meet you in the evening.’ Said Ayush looking straight in her eyes, a mystery lied in her eyes. But that’s what eyes do, they hide things.

Then Ayush sat with Shweta and Alia and Nikhil took a table three tables away from them. Both Nikhil and Shweta thought the person they are sitting together with is just interested in what they are talking but indeed they both were just busy in looking at each other. They both took out their phones at an instant and texted the same person.

‘Pranali come at starbucks at 7’ Pranali was their best friend, and now they both wanted to meet her.

When you lie to someone you love, you make them question your love.

Can Love Last Forever?

Can Love Last Forever?

When we fall in love we just fall in love and don’t think. We forget to ask ourselves ‘Can love last forever?’ Well, each and everyone has a different perceptive about it, but who is right and who is wrong? Whom to believe and whom to not? Who is the right person to talk about it? Opinions may differ from person to person. There are very few who would dare to try to give an answer to this question on a public platform. As if you go on a public platform you give others a chance to criticize you but when you are talking about love everyone and anyone can have an opinion on it. Well when Vikrant Khanna a Best-Selling Author known for writing in romance genre, decided to take this dare in his latest book ‘Love Lasts Forever: Only if you don’t marry your love’  we think people have nearly found an answer to this question.


Love has made the book stand tall and is slowly climbing the steps and will soon feature in Amazon India Top 10 best-seller list. In this book Vikrant offers a unique and different story line. It’s a love story at its heart with the piracy element interspersed with it making it an engrossing and exciting read. While reading this book a reader experiences emotions like Love, fear, laughter, introspection of one’s own love story. We asked Vikrant Why is there, a need to introspect and retrospect the way a relationship is carried on by a couple? He says, ‘Relationships is and would always be the most important aspect in our lives. Introspection is actually needed so that we would be able to get the most out of our relationships and in the end, life.’ Well we all will fall in love in some or the other part of our life, and we should know can love last forever. We would definitely recommend this book to everyone, this book is yet another beautiful story which will in the end tell us, can love lasts forever? Buy this book from the below given links and enjoy the read and try to find answer to this question which has its own importance in our life.



Book Review: Dolmens in the Blue Mountain by Kandathil Sebastian


Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review “Dolmens in the Blue Mountain” by Kandathil Sebastian.

  • Book Description



Most of us still dream and hope to find ways out beyond violence and corruption. Using dolmens (single-chambered tombs constructed, dates back to Neolithic period 4000 to 3000 BC), as a metaphor, Dolmens in the Blue Mountain explores the meaning of life and death in the context of migrations of Kerala’s Syrian Christian community, and the struggle for survival of tribal communities in the Western Ghats mountain ranges. The story revolves around the lives of three brothers. One of them migrated to Canada. The second one joins a Delhi based NGO, bogged down by a corrupt and callous system, was forced to quit his job on moral grounds. The third one stayed back in Kerala, but got into conflict with the radicalized tribal community. Will the brothers, inspired by the dolmens, which taught them the meaning of living in harmony with nature, without compromising the resource needs of poor people and future generations, be able to fulfill their dreams and aspirations?

  • My View  

First of all, the amount of research that the author has undertaken to write this book is worth applauding. The history of the dolmens, Neela Kuriniji flowers , the tribal Gods and revengeful Goddesses of Kerala are very interesting to read and are beautifully placed in the book. The description of the landscapes is so aptly written that readers will feel that they have reached Kerala in 1970.

The story starts with the life of two brothers in Ezhacherry village, Varghese and Thomman. As the story progresses, focus is brought to the children of Varghese and Thomman. The three brothers, Saju( son of Thomman), Dominic and Philipose ( sons of Varghese) are three different individuals who wanted different things from life. While Plilipose, the elder son of Varghese was hugely materialistic and cunning, his younger brother Dominic had a soft and loyal heart. Saju, the only son of Thomman was hugely ambitious and struggled hard to complete his PhD in Delhi. The book comprises the way these three brothers’ life unravels through the passage of years.

As the blurb promises, the dolmens in the blue mountain are skillfully used as a metaphor in shaping the lives and destinies of the brothers. The quotes of Pablo Neruda which Saju’s beloved, Linnet kept mentioning add meaning to their love affair. The friendship of Dominic and Thevan was heart touching.

Being a debutant, the author has done a marvelous work in this book. The description, the flow of language and the witty narration speaks volumes about the potential of the author. On the downside, I found that the pace of the book is a little slow. Few instances of the book lack the emotional intensity required like the place where Saju learnt about Linnet’s death.

This book is a very well-researched, intelligent and brilliant work but it falls slightly short of emotions.


My rating: 3.8/5

Title:    Dolmens in the Blue Mountain

Author: Kandathil Sebastian

ISBN-10: 9383562242

ISBN-13: 978-9383562244

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd;

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Reviewed By: Purba Chakraborty (Team WordBite)           



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Date Day by Piyush Naik



Story #2: Date Day

[Story #2 of Ayush & Alia Short-story series]

Sometimes there are times when you wonder falling in love was enough; and you should have not got into a relationship. Yes, right now I’m in that situation. It has been just 30 days that we have started dating and all of a sudden it’s planned by both of us to go on a date. But I still don’t know when I was included in this planning process. Like a real date shown in ‘MOVIES’. It’s not like I don’t want to spend time with Alia. I love spending time with her, and since we are in different colleges, to be specific I’m doing engineering and she is a commerce girl. It’s great that we get to spend some quality time together. But today was a bad idea for a date, I’m out of money. I can’t get it since I have exhausted it to get my project at college done and spending some on some other stuff. The fortunate thing is that she has not demanded a candle light dinner. While I was thinking of how cheaply I could give her a rich like day, my phone buzzed. I looked at the screen it was her text.

‘Pick me at 11’ then I looked at the watch and it showed OMG 9:45 AM it’s late so I went to take a bath and in some 45 minutes I was ready. I took the bike keys and forwarded towards her house. I had some good 30 minutes left and I would reach her home in some 25 minutes. While I was trying to cut the traffic, my phone started ringing. I stopped at the side of the road. The display screen of my phone showed Alia’s name and her cute picture.

‘Heyyyy’ I said, trying to sound cute. Just the way she says it.

‘Hey, where are you?’ she said in her cute voice.

‘I’m on my way… will be at your place in 15.’

‘Don’t be late.’

‘Never, Dear’ I said and hung up. Then I accelerated towards her home and just then my bike just stopped all of a sudden. I tried to start it and then I realized it was out of petrol. I scanned the road and realized that the petrol-pump was around 1 KM away. I was left with no option than to pull the bike and I literally walked that distance in some 10 minutes, the fastest I could have done. After pouring petrol in my bike’s stomach I speeded my way to her home, finally I reached. 15 minutes late.

She came out in her green pants and white top which had something written on it. She had a look which I was unable to understand. Girls I tell you! She didn’t spoke even a word and hopped on, I started to move towards the multiplex.

Five minutes gone. She was still silent, so unlike her. BAD SIGN!

‘I was on time…’ before I could give reason, she cut me and said, ‘did I ask you anything. I hope we reach on time for the movie, ATLEAST!’

Okay, it was the worst way to start the day I guess. Silence followed for more fifteen minutes, and by that time we reached the multiplex. After multiple security checks we finally reached the booking counter.  I saw the poster of Transformers, and then I looked at Alia. No…bad idea watch Ek Villain, my mind said.

‘Give two tickets of Ek Villain.’ I said to the girl who was on the ticket counter.

‘Corner seats, Sir?’ she asked with a cute smile. But before I could say a ‘yes’.

Alia said, ‘No give in middle.’ I looked at her. She looked at me. ‘Pay the money!’

Not understanding any meaning behind her unseen expressions I paid the money, and took the tickets. We walked in the movie-hall and sat, somehow we were only two people in our row.

‘So how is the new year in your college?’ finally my princess broke the silent code of conduct.

I smiled and said, ‘cute as you.’

‘Cute?’ she asked with a puzzled looked. I guess cute was a wrong word to use here. Means I used it with reference to Shweta, she and me had became good friends in just a week. But even if Shweta knew about Alia, Alia had no clue about her.

‘No, means yes… means.’ Before I could say more my phone started buzzing. It was Shweta calling. I put it on silent mode. I had done enough of bad deeds for today. ‘Means just that it’s going good.’ We did some more talks about her college, my college and other stuff and then the movie started. In nearly 120 minutes of movie, Shweta called me 15 times. I didn’t picked even a single call of hers, but I texted her. The response of her was another call. Then finally as the movie ended.

‘I will be back from the washroom.’ I said and excused myself. Alia was okay by now, or better to say, she showed that she was okay. But right now I had to check Shweta, is she okay or not.

I called her, she picked in the third ring.

‘What happened?’ I said.

‘Hello, there is a code of conduct of saying hi at least.’ Shweta said from the other side. ‘By the way where were you?’

‘Sorry, I’m with Alia and we were watching a movie, now pray, tell me what happened for you to call me for I-don’t-know how many times?’ I enquired.

‘Oh! Leave it then.’ Shweta said with sadness in her voice.

‘What happened tell me?’

Nothing, leave.’

‘I want to hear it now.’ I demanded.

‘Mom and dad went out of station, and I, by mistake locked the cupboard which had money and now I don’t have any money, and the worst of all. The food in my house has ended and I’m hungry.’ Shweta said, ‘so I thought you might come over, but leave it.’

Okay, I have limited amount of money. Plus, Alia as in a very bad mood. But she was helpless, hungry, and is my cute friend. Why does God throw a question like this? Should I go and help Shweta who is my friend, or stay with Alia who has a girl word added before friend. Without even thinking much I said, ‘I’ll be at your place in 20. Be ready.’

I chose this as it’s not good to keep anyone hungry and already the day for me and Alia is spoiled. I told Alia that my uncle was in some mess and so he wants me to come, I lied. To which she believed. Sometimes you need to lie to be faithful. Then I dropped Alia at her place. In the route she talked about the movie which I had hardly seen!

‘Bye.’ She said.

‘Bye.’ I said.

She smiled with a waved. I waved with a smile.

I guess the problem was solved.

You cannot choose between friendship and relationship. You have to give time to both. Because you need them both.



You were akin to Cartoon films when you were toddler, but it may not magnetize you anymore.

Hypothetical mathematics problems were your worst nightmare back then, but now you have bigger things to worry about.

This is the law of nature, things change, love fades, and people act differently. You have to keep reinventing yourselves almost every minute because the world can transform in an instant and there’s no time for looking back.

You have to reinvent what you have invented, and do it again. Come out of your comfort zone and strive for triumph even after you get it. You can’t settle even if you buy your dream house, purchase a new car and earn loads of money, because just after you get what you wanted, you will need more. You need to build a bigger house, buy a bigger car and earn even more. And that’s the reason why there is no limit to success.

We have to revolutionize ourselves anyhow; sometimes it is forced on us, sometimes it happen by accident. We have to constantly come up with new ways to fix ourselves.

So we change, we settle in, we craft new versions of ourselves. We just need to make sure that the new one is an improvement over the last.

About Arpit Agrawal:


“Arpit is an emergent writer based in Raipur. He writes fiction articles which he hopes can trigger youth into doing good things. Arpit authored his debut novel ‘Dear life, get well soon…’ in the year 2013. For details, visit –