Book Review: It’s All About Love by Tanveer Singh


Today, in an all new session of THE READING ROOM, we are going to review It’s All About Love…: Matters not whom you Fall in Love With!  by Tanveer Singh




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The book is a journey through the age of confusion and exploration? The late teens, a path through growing up adventures and trysts that must be secret, even in the relative permissiveness of post Gen-Y India. It is a battle on many fronts and the one that cannot be lost is the battle with a debilitating nerve condition? A battle aided by medicine, doctors and good wishes; and yet has to be fought all alone. When the mists clear there is Rupali, the object of a slight crush… and the vision blurs again.

Tanveer Singh’s debut novel is your visa to a world most of us have seen from a distance and none too clearly. Could you take the plunge?


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It says “too much curiosity kills a cat”. And Tarun was a sorry victim of this saying. Well maybe he was oblivious to what he was seeking after, but when he realized, it was already too late.  It’s All About Love…: Matters not Whom you Fall in Love With! By Tanveer Singh deals with some pretty serious issues any teenager or early twenty-something guys sometimes face and also the outlook of our narrow-minded society. This book is not those type of typical guy-girl kinda love stories, instead the author, Tanveer Singh has managed to represent the love in general- mainly, termed as Humanity towards our fellow humans, whoever they might be, however they might be. And surprisingly, Tanveer Singh has also shown us that true love not happens only between a guy and a girl but it can happen between any two humans belonging from any gender.


The most important thing that I would like to point out is that, I checked the ratings of this book across many websites from Goodreads to Flipkart, and those ratings DO NOT define this book. The ratings even prove that society is way too narrow-minded. They cannot digest anything unusual.


Tarun is a law student and is preparing for the IAS. After his break-up with his long time girlfriend, he surprisingly doesn’t get any heart-broken, instead he remain curious to the idea of true love, is it really even happens, stuffs like that. So along with his BFF, Akshay, Tarun goes to an Internet cafe to set up an account in online dating sites, to casually chat with some girls. But after few days, he gets addicted to that cafe and couldn’t stop himself from going to that cafe all the time. One fine day, he finds himself chatting to a guy, who is a homosexual. Like all other people, Tarun, too shrugs that guy off in the beginning, but the more Tarun talks to that guy, the more he gets curious about the unknown and forbidden world of the homosexuals- the gays. As the days pass, Tarun gets more involved, he even gets signed up on an online gay dating site and finds himself chatting with some of those guys. Sometimes he got scared, sometimes he got curious, sometimes he got pissed, after all, his only motive was to find a decent guy friend on that website. But in his process of finding one loyal friend, he gets too far from his one true best friend, Akshay. Before even his blink of an eye, he gets way too involved with so many guys. Soon he moves out of his house, to a university for his IAS preparation and then the unexpected happens with him. But for the rest of the tale, you do have to grab this book for sure.


All I can tell is that Tanveer Singh gives a very perfect ending to this book. In the end, I started to hate Tarun for not letting his parents know about his plight, but then again, he had his best interests for not getting his parents involved in his affairs. Tarun is the perfect example of this uber-cool generation, the Gen-Y, of our country- confused and frustrated. And Tanveer Singh has aptly and vividly represented Tarun to his readers. And also all those, other characters, like Naman, Rupali-a true friend, Akshay, Tarun’s caring and understanding parents, and his sister, who always managed to save his back in every occasions, each one of them are so well-developed and highly relatable.


I will not comment anything about Tanveer Singh’s writing. But as they say, better words can bring any story to life and it’s depended on those words. If he could’ve chosen better words to pen down this tale, it might have been a great masterpiece. But the author has failed to do so. The story got dull, flat and boring and too draggy at times.


But the issues, the author, deals with, are really very promising. And he teaches us a lesson big time through Tarun, that life is precious, and it’s precious for homosexuals too and we cannot judge those homosexuals for leading their own lives. Tarun did have a heart of gold indeed. And there’s a lot to learn from his guy. Tanveer Singh has given us a role model to admire for.


P.S. Not everything is bad about this book. Learn to respect this book. It deals with some modern days issues like accepting homosexuals in our society and how we still, those so called modern-minded people still looks at the homosexuals with disgust.



  • My rating: 3.5/5


Title: It’s All About Love…: Matters not Whom you Fall in Love With!

Author: Tanveer Singh

 ISBN-10: 9380349183

 ISBN-13: 9789380349183

Genre: Indian Fiction

Publisher: Shrishti Publishers & Distributors.


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So here we come to an end to today’s session of Reading Room

Reviewed By:  Aditi Saha (Team WordBite)


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