Let’s Talk: with K. Hari Kumar, an Award Winning Short Film-maker and an Author

He is an award winning short film maker, an agripreneur in his beautiful hometown in Kerala and a year ago his widely acclaimed debut novel, When Strangers Meet…was released and thus started a new journey for him as an author. We are talking about K. Hari Kumar a young, dynamic 20 something person and we got an opportunity to have him with us for an exclusive interview, where he talks about his passion in film making and how he wrote a novel adapted from his own film.

K Hari Kumar
K. Hari Kumar, Courtesy: Google Images


  • Let’s Talk:

Team WordBite (TWB):Hello, Hari, first of all tell us everything about how it all started- the film making?

K. Hari Kumar (KHK): Now, for that we gotta go back in time. I guess I must thank my parents for taking me with them to movies when I was just a baby, my mother tells me that unlike other kids I would watch the entire film without crying or falling asleep.


TWB: Usually a book is adapted into a screenplay for a movie, but in your case you wrote a novel from a screenplay. Tell us the story behind this story.

KHK: I was not keeping well and there was a point in life when I wanted to do what I always wanted to do, and that inspired me to make that rusty first short film, and later the same motivated me to write a novel based on it. This was the first book that I completed, and I believe the motivation pumped me.

TWB: Sometimes all it takes is stranger’s tale to bring your life back on track, so did you have had any stranger’s influence in your life?

KHK: Everyday!


When Strangers Meet


TWB: Your book When Strangers meet, narrates a very hard-hitting story filled with suspense and a great drama. It revolves around the father-son relationships from the viewpoints of three different strata of our society. What made you write on this topic? And most importantly, what made you write a story in a never-read-before way?

KHK: My own life, my state of mind at the moment in life, how my father who was once a hero for me back when we were struggling in life (financially) How he had started shaping himself as the greatest villain during my late teen till adulthood, which also coincided an ascent in our financial status. The grief and a yearning for a son’s acceptance in the eyes of a father paved the path for a book that hustles for the same.

TWB:There is a very beautiful line in the book, “You are a little man… having a modest dream… but a big heart”. In a current scenario when people our running behind mindless things how should one relate to this line?

KHK: Well, if people are running after useless things, then definitely the dream aint modest, but immature. But having said that, I believe that having a dream is nothing but ordinary, what defines a person is if he/she has the caliber to work hard without getting distracted. Not all of us are served on a silver platter; we must use our bare hands if we don’t have one.

TWB: Share with us something about your life in Kerala, your upbringing, and the inspiration, influences for carving out these beautiful stories.

KHK: I was brought up in Gurgaon and I am proud to call it my home. Kerala is a scenic destination for a weekend getaway, and that’s all I would say for the place. My inspiration comes from the stories my mother would read me on those lazy afternoons in my childhood days.

TWB:Making films or writing a novel? Why?

KHK: The only way one can experience God.

TWB:How was it working with Shristi Publications and also tell us something about your next book

KHK: Srishti, under the patronage of Jayantakumar Bose, is a well-established platform for writers and with Arup’s arrival it’s getting a complete makeover.

TWB:What’s next? When will we be able to see you directing a mainstream feature film?

KHK: Fingers crossed.

TWB: When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what was it?

KHK: I am giving an interview on Wordbite right now, that’s a first here. 

TWB:Rapid Fire

  • Your favourite film(s) :

KHK: Parosh Pathor, The Da Vinci Code, Planet of the Apes (1958), Vertigo, Guru, Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya, Transformers, Signs and the list goes on.

  • Your fabourite author(s), book(s) :

KHK:   Dan Brown, Albert Camus, S Radhakrishnan, Satyajit Ray, Paulo Coelho, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Khaled Hosseini, Arthur Conan Doyle & Roald Dahl.

Deception Point, The Da Vinci Code, The Stranger, Witches, The Alchemist, Hound of Baskervilles, Pet Sematary, The Afghan, Kite Runner.

  • If When Strangers Met was made into a Bollywood Movie, whould would you think would be the actors essaying the characters.

KHK:  Prakash Raj – Iyer

Dhanush – Young Iyer

Varun Dhawan – Jai

AbhishekBachchan – Pathan

Asin – Padma

Alia – Tanya

Nasser – Iyer’s Dad


TWB:Thank You! Hari, for this interview, and we wish you loads of success and peace in your life. Good Day J

KHK: Totally my honor J I wish you and team WordBite all the very best.

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