Corruption…..can we really live without it? by Piyush Naik (Team WordBite)



Since last few years, we all are watching Anna who is trying to stop corruption, or Yog Baba is doing something for it.
But can we really leave without corruption? Big question.
Today we can’t live without it; yes you read it correct.
Many will say we can and we should stop it. Well, tell me, for e.g. If you get caught by a traffic police in some square and he tells you to go the RTO what will you do?
Go to the RTO office and pay the fine OR pay the officer and go to your work.
What will you do if you don’t get admission?
Waste a year and repeat the exam and get good marks OR pay the donation and get the admission.
These are only some questions in which we can’t avoid corruption as we have a lot of work to do. We can’t waste our times by following the procedure, going to RTO, wasting a year, and so on….
We want everything fast. And. To get everything fast we have to do corruption.
Just imagine the situation.
You’re caught by the traffic police. You have to go to take admission and only half an hour is remaining for the admission to get close. If you don’t get in there in half an hour you will waste a year.
At that time the traffic police said, “No sir, we don’t take money. Go to RTO and pay the fine.”
The RTO is at an hour distance.
What will you do?
The answer is simple- CORRUPTION.
But this doesn’t mean that we should do corruption. I’m not saying we should do it.
I’m just showing an image of what we are used to. And. If it stops how can we get used to it.
Corruption is bad. We have to pay thousands to get the birth certificate, or any other certification from government office which is ridiculous.
We should stop it…but right now we should try to get used to not doing corruption.
The day it stops you will get a lot of trouble.
Say no to corruption NOW…or you will have a big trouble when it STOPS.



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