Break The Silence : By Siji Menon (Team WordBite)


Break The Silence  by Siji Menon

That Friday evening had the heaviness of a heart that wept in silence. The air smelt of stale thick blood that was left unnoticed. The eyes of those who came to watch the play had the warmth and pain that was beyond words. I too was a part of them, numb and moved by the flock that thronged in to witness and observe silence to watch Nirbhaya – The Play.

I don’t wish to get into the details of the play as my words would fail to express what I saw and felt. Though I’d seen a portion of the play on YouTube earlier, watching it in real was an incomparable experience. The cast and crew behind the play brought in such depth to the whole episode that even the hardest of hearts would be touched by their firm dialogues, sobbing whispers and raw depiction of the dirty society that we live in.

Yes, we belong to a place where women are groped in the buses, and those who react are being blamed for not having a decent dress code. We belong to a society that stares at a woman if she’s seen out even during dusk. We are a part of that country, which calls its nation a mother, Bharat Mata – Mother India.

Where do we stand today? Newspapers have become a junk of stories that talk of abuse, torture and suffering of mankind. Injustice prevails in every corner of the country, and even our families treat the females in the family differently than a male. The male still gets a better piece of the same food, he has the privilege to sleep till he wishes, and the girl in the family is expected to wake up with the first rays of the sun.


Where does this inequality start? Is the blame fully to be put upon the society? No, I would say our families, and we, are responsible for all this to a large extent. Your dad taught you to be safe, which means you shouldn’t react to the atrocities happening around you. Your mom asked you to come home early, which means there are men out waiting to stare and tear you if you travel into the darkness of the night.


When would they be fearless? When will our mothers and sisters be able to express themselves to the world? It’s high time we thought about this. They say “Educate a woman. Educate a family.” Yet how many of our families see a girl’s education as the priority? Come out and talk, react to these abuses that your fellow beings face. Support those who are struggling. Let us make this a better place to live. A better place for you and me.


8 thoughts on “Break The Silence : By Siji Menon (Team WordBite)”

  1. Wonderful….since i have witnessed the play, i can relate to these words….i really appreciate you all to bring something showcasing something which is the need of this hour, congrats Siji

  2. Thank you so much Rohit. Yes such thoughts are always disturbing, yet sad that they keep happening. Appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot Garima for the support. I perfectly understand what you went through while watching the play. The mental strain and trauma we went through when we realise that the real incident would be worse, is unexplainable. Glad you enjoyed the read too! 🙂

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