THRILL by Jackie Collins

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Book Description


Jackie Collins’ most outrageous, erotically charged New York Times bestseller is a sexy, shattering roller-coaster thrill ride!
From chic New York and the exclusive Hamptons to the hungry heart of L.A., this high-suspense tale pulses with deadly obsessions and relentless desires in the seemingly perfect world of a gorgeous film actress. She could have any man — but the one she can’t resist is a mysterious lover with a shadowed past. As their jolting affair skyrockets with electric passion, shocking secrets break through their hidden traps — in a brilliantly twisting story that sparks with the explosive Jackie Collins touch.

My View  


Oh wow, it was one hell of a “THRILL” ride from L.A.’s fast lanes, studios and beach houses to its darkest alleys, behind-the-bedroom-door dramas. This book gives you an insight of all the hot and happening, juicy tidbits and gossips of the tinsel town. From first page of the book, I totally got hooked; yeah Thrill will get you hooked from its first page.

This novel is about Lara Ivory, a ‘very’ beautiful, A-class Holly actress falling for an ‘incredibly’ hot, junior actor, Joey Lorenzo, and hence all hell broke loose in Lara’s life because of this. This novel is also about another character, Summer, Nikki’s (Lara’s Bff) wild child from her first husband Sheldon. Summer, who lives with her father in Chicago, comes to L.A. to spend her vacation with her mom. Summer is a victim of her father’s sexual abuse. Hence after finding freedom in L.A., Summer gets on roll, from wild parties, drugs, alcohols to even escorting high-class actors in their hotels. And in case of Lara, she almost got murdered because of her stalker’s hatred and her ex- husband, Richard Barry’s obsession with her.

This novel is an eye-opener, it lets you see-through the lives of every actors and directors, even not-to-forget, there’s a lot of usage of examples of real-life actors and their dramas. Each and every character has something to hide in their past, everybody’s past was like very distasteful, not worth remembering.

This is the first JC novel that I read, and I’m already a fan. I never wanted this book to finish, it was so amazing, thrilling and very, very hot, an unputdownable of course. Reading this novel will make you want more, and I’m already yearning for more JC books. Her writing is so very flawless and detailed. The shocking twists and turns are definitely going to keep you on your edges. Yeah it’s not an intellectual kind, but yeah surely a light-read page turner filled with suspense in its every page. A must-read for everyone.


My rating: 4.6/5


Title: Thrill

Author: Jackie Collins

ISBN-10: 0671020943

ISBN-13: 9780671020941

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Adult Fiction

Publisher:Pocket Books


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Reviewed By: Aditi Saha (Team WordBite)




EMOTIONS: Ek Anjaani Ladaki… by Sagar Kadu (Team WordBite)



Suna Hai Kisi Chaukhat Pe Woh Reheti Hai

Apane Hi Dhun Main Woh Chalati Hai

Hasati Khilkhilati Usaki Hansi

Najaro Se Bayan Kar Jati Hai


Chanchal Mann Usaka Yahan Wahan Bhatkata Hai

Anjaani Rahon Pe Woh Chalata Hai

Chulbuli Harkate Woh Karata Hai

Esiliye Usako Janane Ka Mann Karata Hai


Khil Khilati Usaki Hansi Jane Kaha Gayi

Ek Din Usaki Achanak Shaadi Ho Gayi

Kyon Achanak Who Mayus Ho Gayi

Yeh Mann Mai Ek Sawaal Chhod Gayi

Corruption…..can we really live without it? by Piyush Naik (Team WordBite)



Since last few years, we all are watching Anna who is trying to stop corruption, or Yog Baba is doing something for it.
But can we really leave without corruption? Big question.
Today we can’t live without it; yes you read it correct.
Many will say we can and we should stop it. Well, tell me, for e.g. If you get caught by a traffic police in some square and he tells you to go the RTO what will you do?
Go to the RTO office and pay the fine OR pay the officer and go to your work.
What will you do if you don’t get admission?
Waste a year and repeat the exam and get good marks OR pay the donation and get the admission.
These are only some questions in which we can’t avoid corruption as we have a lot of work to do. We can’t waste our times by following the procedure, going to RTO, wasting a year, and so on….
We want everything fast. And. To get everything fast we have to do corruption.
Just imagine the situation.
You’re caught by the traffic police. You have to go to take admission and only half an hour is remaining for the admission to get close. If you don’t get in there in half an hour you will waste a year.
At that time the traffic police said, “No sir, we don’t take money. Go to RTO and pay the fine.”
The RTO is at an hour distance.
What will you do?
The answer is simple- CORRUPTION.
But this doesn’t mean that we should do corruption. I’m not saying we should do it.
I’m just showing an image of what we are used to. And. If it stops how can we get used to it.
Corruption is bad. We have to pay thousands to get the birth certificate, or any other certification from government office which is ridiculous.
We should stop it…but right now we should try to get used to not doing corruption.
The day it stops you will get a lot of trouble.
Say no to corruption NOW…or you will have a big trouble when it STOPS.


Movie TIME: 2 States


It was some years before when I had read Chetan Bhagat’s first book, and after that I read all of his books. But till date 2 States is one of my most favorite book. It has everything from college to love, from problems to mistakes, it is the complete package.

When I heard the news that it was going to be adapted into a movie, I was excited for it. But when the starcast was announced I had a little doubt. Then after some months the trailer came out and all of a sudden all my doubts vanished. After watching the trailer a positive feeling came in my heart.

Today I went to watch the movie, to my surprise in spite of not have big superstars who are ruling the movie industry. The movie was houseful. With the first scene itself Arjun Kapoor was Krish for me. He depicted him, the way we have read him. I fell in love with Ananya when she was fighting with the canteen head, Alia Bhatt molded herself perfectly in Ananya. She looks beautiful and she had the same attitude which Ananya had in book.

Then with each passing minute the story moved forward, in interval my friend said, ‘That office scene is not shown…’ I also noticed that, but it’s a movie. In spite of being an adaptation, they cannot bring each line out of the book and put in a two hours and some minutes movie. Something will be emitted and something will be added. The story of 2 States is beautiful; you all will fall in love with it. Some people will say it is not complete what the book was. But after all it’s a movie you can’t expect them to make a six hours movie. We all loved the book, but we should watch the movie as the way it is.

Abhishek Varman has portrayed various colors of emotions, in its pure form. His vision makes the movie a joyful ride of 150 minutes. He gives you moments of happiness filled with laughter. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy takes the movie to another level with their beautiful music. Which are been shot beautifully.

Ronit Roy, he is the actor who can portray any character. His performance in Udaan gave him various awards and no doubt this one can also do that for him again. Each scene of him has a soul in it. Amrita Singh has played the best Punjabi mother. All other supporting actors have done a great job.

Overall 2 States is a movie which each and everyone who wants to do love-marriage should watch with their parents. But this does not mean other people should not watch it, yes! You should watch the movie. You will see various colors of emotions painted in a beautiful movie.

I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5. Do watch it!

EMOTIONS: A Beautiful Vision: by Sagar Kadu (Team WordBite)

Courtesy: Google
Courtesy: Google


A Beautiful Vision

This could be the beginning when I first saw you

You were walking on the road when I was trying to follow you

You look here and there when I was whistling at you                    

Turning back you stared at me when I was looking at you


You just ignored and started walking away

At that time our love story found its way

I took a rose and threw at your end

But it hit another lady and I go round the bend


You looked at me and gave me a smile

Now that I’m ready to be with you to endless miles

You came to me to ask my name and number

And I suddenly woke up from my deep slumber.

Break The Silence : By Siji Menon (Team WordBite)


Break The Silence  by Siji Menon

That Friday evening had the heaviness of a heart that wept in silence. The air smelt of stale thick blood that was left unnoticed. The eyes of those who came to watch the play had the warmth and pain that was beyond words. I too was a part of them, numb and moved by the flock that thronged in to witness and observe silence to watch Nirbhaya – The Play.

I don’t wish to get into the details of the play as my words would fail to express what I saw and felt. Though I’d seen a portion of the play on YouTube earlier, watching it in real was an incomparable experience. The cast and crew behind the play brought in such depth to the whole episode that even the hardest of hearts would be touched by their firm dialogues, sobbing whispers and raw depiction of the dirty society that we live in.

Yes, we belong to a place where women are groped in the buses, and those who react are being blamed for not having a decent dress code. We belong to a society that stares at a woman if she’s seen out even during dusk. We are a part of that country, which calls its nation a mother, Bharat Mata – Mother India.

Where do we stand today? Newspapers have become a junk of stories that talk of abuse, torture and suffering of mankind. Injustice prevails in every corner of the country, and even our families treat the females in the family differently than a male. The male still gets a better piece of the same food, he has the privilege to sleep till he wishes, and the girl in the family is expected to wake up with the first rays of the sun.


Where does this inequality start? Is the blame fully to be put upon the society? No, I would say our families, and we, are responsible for all this to a large extent. Your dad taught you to be safe, which means you shouldn’t react to the atrocities happening around you. Your mom asked you to come home early, which means there are men out waiting to stare and tear you if you travel into the darkness of the night.


When would they be fearless? When will our mothers and sisters be able to express themselves to the world? It’s high time we thought about this. They say “Educate a woman. Educate a family.” Yet how many of our families see a girl’s education as the priority? Come out and talk, react to these abuses that your fellow beings face. Support those who are struggling. Let us make this a better place to live. A better place for you and me.

EMOTIONS: Tujhse Milke by Sridhar Tempalle (Team WordBite)




Tamannaon ke is mehfil mein har saans adhuri chalti hai,

Na jaane kab kis gali se tujhe milke dil ki lehren panap uthti hain,

Har pal bas yehi dua rehti hai ke tere dil me mere liye utni jagah ban jaaye,

Jitni ki sagar ki lehren zameen ko bhigoti hai,


Haath to tera har pal thaame rakhne ko ji chahta hai,

tere sang ghoomne ko har pal raazi rehta hai,

par kuch dooriyan itni hoti hain hamare beech me,

ki kai baar yaadon ke sang hi waqt bitaana padta hai

Teri har nazar pe meri nazar rehti hai,

tere har chaal ki mujhko kharbar rehti hai,

wo har dilkash andaaz tujhme dekhta hoon jiski mujhe har pal talaash rehti hai,

aur najaane kyun jab saamne aati ho,

dil ki har baat dil me hi reh jaati hai,

chupana to aata nahi hai hamein,

lekin nazren jab taakti rehti hai tumhen,

tab jataana bhi mushkil hota hai.