EMOTIONS: Was it Love? By Piyush Naik & Sanika (Team WordBite)


I look at you, you look at me. Was it love?

You walked your way in my heart from the route full of rocks.

You made me ask this again, you made me think of it again and then again I asked was it love?

You smile. You wink. You make my heart sink.

I dance. I sing when I see you in my dreams.

You walk. We talk. In my head.

I dream of you everyday.

You read novels. I read you.

You make me feel love is you.

Everyone say this is love.

Everyone feel I’m in love with you.


Still I’m shy to tell you and keep asking myself.

Was it love when I saw you today?

10 thoughts on “EMOTIONS: Was it Love? By Piyush Naik & Sanika (Team WordBite)”

  1. Piyush and Sanika, u do play wondrfully wid the words, if i want to personify this poem in word in marathi then i would say that the poem is APARATEEM,

  2. You are shying to tell her about your feelings but i wont shy away to tell u that u do write good poems…keep it up sanika and piyush, congrats..

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