MOVIE Time: Highway



There were more than necessary reasons for me to watch Highway. The very first and the important reason was Imtiaz Ali. Yes, after watching his past work like Jab we met and Rockstar who would have wanted to miss his latest one. The second is A. R. Rahman’s soul touching music which is already a hit, and last but not the least is the cuteness which Alia Bhatt has which can be seen in trailers.

Story at a glance:

Veera (Alia Bhatt) is kidnapped before her wedding and is held for ransom by Mahabir (Randeep Hooda). He takes her to various cities, in the journey a strange relation is developed between them. In the journey she finds freedom which she always wanted and never experienced. She just wants the journey to continue…

To know the whole story watch the movie.

My View:

Considering the big names the movie has attached, one could just think of it as a masterpiece in the making. But sadly it is not the one. The cinematography is beautiful and whole North India is captured perfectly and beautifully. Actors have given great performances. Alia Bhatt is back after her first movie Student of the year, and her acting is mind blowing in Highway. She lives the life of Veera and makes you believe she is Veera. Randeep Hooda is the perfect choice for Mahabir, he pictures him perfectly. The music by A. R. Rahman is pleasant to hear and soul touching. But even after having all, Highway missed one thing, Story! Yes, the story of Highway is not up to the mark. The concepts which it has in it are good. The movie is slow and you have to keep patience. There are some moments which evoke laughter, but they are very few. The last fifteen minutes are the best where you feel something good. Imtiaz Ali has directed well and has captured the scenes beautifully, but he has surprisingly disappointed us with the story. Highway is clearly not a movie which I had expected after watching Jab we met and Rockstar.

I would give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

Watch the movie for the great performances, beautiful locations and soul touching music.

So here we come to an end of today’s session of Movie Time next time we will talk about a new movie.


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