3 Don’ts of love at first sight for BOYS! By Piyush Naik

  1. Don’t let her know that you have fallen in for her.

Yes, the most important thing. If anyhow she got to know that you like her, every step of yours will hint her that you did it to impress her or just because you like her even if you didn’t do it in that sense! So don’t tell her that you like her at the beginning, or else you might lose her friendship too, forget love!

  1. Don’t take her best-friends help.

This is the mistake most often done. Boys tend to think that her best-friend will help you, you give her chocolate and do all things by which you think that she will help you, and she also takes all the advantage of your situation. She may or may not help you. But one thing she will do is telling your love that you like her. (It’s the best friend stuff. you don’t hide anything from your best friend.

3. Don’t daily text her some love text.

Some of your friends might suggest you to text her or whatsapp her daily with ‘Love texts’ basically they are forward texts, which you might have received, or you might have searched them over internet or if you are lucky your creative friend might write them for you. In any case, she will smell your love for her and get cautious with you.  AND SHE CAN GET ‘irritated’.

So falling in love cannot be planned but you can surely plan how and when to reveal your feelings to her.


Piyush Naik (Team WordBite)


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