Let’s talk: with Piyush Naik

Recently, we got a chance to interview Piyush Naik and in this romantic month what would have been much better than a romance novelist to talk about love.

The Word Bite (TWB): So, Piyush your book Oops! I fell in for Don’s daughter just completed a year, how do you feel? How has been the response till now?

Piyush Naik (PN): it feels really awesome; it’s like your child’s first birthday. The response has been awesome, people are loving the book and my mailbox and fb inbox gets messages of readers.

TWB: we all have read about your book; tell us more about you as a person?

PN: I’m just like any other person. I go to college, copy assignments, have fun, give exams, and all the things one do in his college life. I’m doing my engineering from University of Pune.

TWB: How was your valentine’s day?

PN: (smiles) my valentine day was spent doing nothing. I just watch TV, and interacted to some readers.

TWB: okay… so who is the girl who inspires you to write such beautiful female characters in your book?

PN: (laughs) let that be a secrete for some more time.

TWB:  Tell us about your next book?

PN: my next book will be something completely different, it is an emotional thriller.

TWB: thanks for talking to us. Some last rapid fire?

PN: it was my pleasure, and yes.

TWB: currently reading?

PN: Guardian Angels

TWB: favorite actor or actress?

PN: I’m liking Parineeti Chopra’s work, the way she acts is just awesome and she looks cute too (smiles)

TWB: any last thought or quote or any advice to young budding authors?

PN: keep moving towards your dream, no matter what people say keep moving. If you can dream it you can achieve it.


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